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Serenity Oak Recovery and Wellness Centre is a non-profit organisation, found by Pastor Pieter Engelbrecht, who has a TBH degree, as well as a Diploma in Apologetics.

Our vision is to become the number one choice accredited drug centre for drug rehabilitation and recovery services, in Polokwane and the neighbouring rural regions. Provide a safe and professional environment for inpatients and give them the necessary tools to become viable in the society. To give them the life they never had

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Why Choose Us!

Few Reasons Why People Choose Us!

The 24/7 physical and emotional support of the well-trained staff members helps the road to recovery to becomes just that much easier. It is also very important to repair the broken relationships between the loved ones and the addict due to the behaviour of the addict.

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12 Step plan of the Narcotic Anonymous

C.B.T Treatment (Cogonal Behaviour Treatment )

Authentic Manhood

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At the end of the day the only way to measure the success of this or any other wellness centre is to listen what the patients as well as the families of set patients have to say.