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Time To Take Your Freedom Back

Serenity Oak Recovery and Wellness Centre is a non-profit organisation, found by Pastor Pieter Engelbrecht, who has a TBH degree, as well as a Diploma in Apologetics.

Pastor Pieter, as well as his wife, who has a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counselling and who is currently completing her honour’s degree in Counselling, are well loved in their congregation and in their community.

Serenity-Oak is designed to provide a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service in the Polokwane area of Limpopo Province, where there is a critical shortage of such facilities to address the currently alarming statistics of drug misuse and addiction in the area.

It is Serenity Oak’s primary aim to provide a highly effective and expertly managed Recovery and Wellness centre, in a welcoming home-like setting, with the assistance of individually appointed specialized and appropriately skilled and qualified personnel. With a good success rate, we are destined for greater things

Why Choose Us!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one choice accredited drug centre for drug rehabilitation and recovery services, in Polokwane and the neighbouring rural regions. Provide a safe and professional environment for inpatients and give them the necessary tools to become viable in the society. To give them the life they never had

12 Step plan of the Narcotic Anonymous

C.B.T Treatment (Cogonal Behaviour Treatment )

Authentic Manhood

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a professional, quality, and affordable service to anyone who needs alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment and to give them the assurance that this is the best choice they made. The assistance of individually appointed specialized and appropriately skilled and qualified personnel like doctors, nurses, and psychologist

Running the following Programs:

  • 12 Step plan of the Narcotic Anonymous
  • Authentic Manhood
  • C.B.T Treatment (Cogonal Behaviour Treatment )
  • One-on-one sessions
The 24/7 physical and emotional support of the well-trained staff members helps the road to recovery to becomes just that much easier. It is also very important to repair the broken relationships between the loved ones and the addict due to the behaviour of the addict, with the assistance of individually appointed specialized and appropriately skilled and qualified personnel regular counsel meetings between patients and family, the family bond will be reconciled. The road to recovery is always better when we stand together. “United we stand but alone we fall”

Our Goals

  • Provision of counselling to corporate employees, individuals, couples, and families
  • Provision of a temporary save-heaven for Alcohol and drug addiction patients
  • Development and provision of drug prevention and recovery plans and after-care services for recovered patients
  • Evaluation of patients’ addictions and their readiness for treatment
  • Assistance to patients to help develop their own treatment goals and plans
  • Development of the necessary skills and behaviours to enable patients to recover from their addictions
  • Work closely with patients to help them to understand and manage their behaviours and/or the situations that can interfere with their recovery
  • Educate patient’s families and support groups about drug addiction and help them to understand and develop strategies to assist the patients with their recovery
  • Promotion of a sobrieties lifestyle and the provision of a support system for the aftercare of recovered patients, providing them with the necessary tools and support to ensure they remain recovered
  • Prepare the patients to not only recover from their afflictions, but also to be able to fit back into society as productive members of their community


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